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【ShutterFashion】DS0480 High-quality temperament lace one-shoulder dress

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RM 55.00
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RM 55.00
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Product Name DS0480 High-quality temperament lace one-shoulder dress
胸围 S SIZE : 84CM-92CM
M SIZE : 88CM-95CM
L SIZE : 88CM -98CM

腰围 S SIZE : 72CM-78CM
M SIZE : 72CM-86CM
L SIZE : 78CM-88CM

臀围 S SIZE : 110CM-120CM
M SIZE : 114CM-128CM
L SIZE : 110CM-130CM

衣长 S M L SIZE :100CM
颜色 黑色 红色
价格 RM99 原价 RM95 分享特价

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**Ship out from Johor Bahru**

**Will receive in 1-7 working days**