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(SF) TP4896 French Sweet Lace-Up Long Sleeve Top

Regular price
RM 29.80
Sale price
RM 29.80
Regular price
RM 49.90
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Product code TP4896 French Sweet Lace-Up Long Sleeve Top

Price Ori/p RM 49.90 Spe/e RM 39.90 OFFER RM29.80

Color Pink Yellow Blue white Apricot

Bust 96-110cm

Waist 52-94cm

Length 43cm

 ⚠️⚠️***Dear Customer,you can confirm the stock with us before placing the order**⚠️⚠️

 **Will ship out in 24hrs after payment**

**Local seller**

**Ship out from Johor Bahru**

**Will receive in 1-7 working days**