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【MALAYSIA READY STOCK】圆领休闲上衣 TP2804 Round neck / Solid color / Shirts

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RM 34.00
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RM 34.00
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商品名称 圆领休闲上衣 TP2804颜色 白色 粉色价钱 RM39.90原价 RM34在线下单胸围 70-96cm长度 42cm

我们将于每天下午四点半直播,所有商品为现货,发货地于新山。订单完成付款后,我们会在隔一天安排发货。下单付款前请先询问我们库存避免遇到缺货情况SHOPEE是一个提供给直播下单的顾客获取免邮渠道的平台,部分库存都是保留给直播顾客待顾客们付款,所以亲亲们看到的库存未必是还有存货的,下单前需要先询问我们库存哦 感恩~!
We doing live stream on everday 4.30pm , all product ready stock . Based on Johor Bahru.After Make Payment ,we will arrange ship out your parcel on next working days .All Product stock priority reserve for live order customer ,inaccurate inventory,Shopee is the payment channel we provide to live order customers to get free shipping. Some of the product in stock are ordered by customers, just waiting for payment .Before make payment please ask us for the inventory of the product before making the payment to avoid the situation of out of stock,Thanks!!
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