Live broadcast rules

Live broadcast rules and regulations:


>Please read our rules before placing an order and start placing an order. Once you place an order, it means that you have agreed to our ordering rules.


>If you have placed an order on the live broadcast, please provide us with your information (name, address and contact number) so that we can settle the postage and clothing price for you, and provide you with the receipt. After we provide the receipt for your order, It is your responsibility to complete the payment and submit the remittance receipt within 3 days.


>If you cannot complete the payment after 3 days, our system will automatically cancel your order


>If you have successfully paid, your order can be requested to continue to be reserved and sent together with your other orders to save you from paying the postage


>If you place an order on the live broadcast, please go to our Facebook page to inform us, and provide us with your information, and the goods you ordered, to avoid that the clothes you ordered and the reserved goods do not match


>The goods you ordered do not include postage. If you want to know the postage and delivery method, please refer to the delivery method


>If you place an order live, you cannot change other products or sizes or colors


>The company will not accept any cancellation or change of clothing for any reason or reason after the reservation/ordering of the goods on the live broadcast


>Please confirm the size, color and style you want before requesting the order/reserved goods during the live broadcast, otherwise, after you reserve the goods, you will not accept cancellation or replacement of other goods, sizes and colors


>When you request to reserve or order the product, our staff will notify you that it is "reserved", you will not be able to cancel or change another style, color or size


>Due to the fact that the Internet speed of each customer may be different during the live broadcast, the order or reservation of the product is based on the order displayed on the anchor’s mobile phone as the standard


>After you place an order, if there is no way to complete the payment, our company will blacklist you and publish it on our homepage blacklist